Here's a then & now picture of the famous spot were the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre occurred on February 14,1929. This event led to the creation of the Bureau of Identification. With the help of fingerprints, the CPD was able to identify six of the victims as members of the O'Banion gang. Photos were taken from "Chicago Then and Now" by Author Elizabeth McNulty (pages 108-109)

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BioMetric Impressions fingerprinting Chicago then now


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"More than 1,500 drivers were rejected for a violent crime charge. Other reasons for denial included various driving offenses, felony convictions, and sex, abuse and exploitation. The state also identified 51 sex offenders."

Happy #CincodeMayo!!! Here are 7 things about Cinco de Mayo that you might have not known. Courtesy of

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Interesting read on ex-NFL players and medical cannabis. What are your thoughts? 

Medical Cannabis, Pain Killers and the NFL


Medical Marijuana NFL Pain killers fingerprinting

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Uhm, okay..... MasterCard is toying around with the idea that it'd be best if instead of a pin #, we use our thumb print. What do you think?

It's not looking good for Chicago's Taxi Industry. Extremely unfair and something needs to be done!

Something fun to do with the family or by yourself!

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The MythBusters crew decided to test out fingerprint locks. What did they conclude? Watch the video below to find out!

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Some more jobs lost in Rockford, IL. Extremely unfortunate for those that are going to lose (or lost) their jobs

Skeptical about using Medical Cannabis? Want to see the positive effects it has on patients with certain disabilities? Watch the videos in the links below!