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Today is World Parkinson's Disease Day. Hopefully we can one day find a cure for it. For the time being, Medical Cannabis is the route to go. If your doctor will sign off on you receiving Medical Cannabis, visit one of our live scan fingerprinting locations and let us help you get closer to receiving your Medical Card

Important news for 4/7/17 - our Chicago and Plano offices will be closed tomorrow, 4/7/17. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. These offices will operate normally next week

Happy National #ArmyDay! Thank you U.S. Army for all that you do and have done for us!

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day from your favorite company in the fingerprinting services industry! We hope everyone has a fun but safe day today


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Happy National Mario Day! We have Mario in the office today and he is eager to get the day started! #itismeMariiioooo #fingerprintingservices #biometrics #MarioBioMetricImpressions

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Happy International Women's Day! Here at BioMetric Impressions we are all thanfkul for the women in our lives as well as women everywhere. Make sure to show lots of love not only today but everyday to all the women out there. In honor of today and the Biometrics Industry, here are the 2016 Women in the Biometrics award winners



Happy Employee Appreciation Day to the best staff in the fingerprinting services industry! Thank you for all that you do!

BioMetric Impressions Employee Appreciation Day

Know someone who needs fingerprinting services for Medical Cannabis? BioMetric Impressions will be more than happy to help. Call us today and find out why we're the best! Check out the link below and see how many people have been approved in Illinois for Medical Cannabis.

Enjoy this nice short clip from the Smithsonian Channel. It details the different patterns within our fingerprints as well as the very first time it crossed someone's mind to use fingerprints to potentially catch a criminal #alwayslearning #biometrics #livescanfingerprinting

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Fingerprint Patterns BioMetric Impressions

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Have you wondered why fingerprints exists? Besides identifying you, the sole purpose for them is to actually help you hold/grab on to things. As the video we shared yesterday stated, everyone has different fingerprints. But did you know that there are people out there that are born without fingerprints? it's called adermatoglyphia - it's the genetic disorder of people born without fingerprints. The term is also referred to as "immigration delay disease". To find out more, read the link below! 

Adermatoglyphia on the Smithsonian Magazine


Ever wonder where fingerprints come from? watch the video below!
via the Smithsonian Channel